July 3, 2009




Umlazi township is one of the most populated urban African settlements in Durban.it has a rich history predating the arrival of Colonial forces in the territory now called Natal. It is said to have gotten its name from the king of  the Zulu state: Shaka. Whilst most histories ans discriptions of this area have been done by outsiders talking to distant audiences, the Durbansing research has helped to uncover and re-center memories held by thothose who call uMlazi; Home.

This is part of the Raw Footage compiled by Umlazi youth organisation:  https://youthumlazi.wordpress.com/

, in the South Durban, covering many sections and household profiles.

Incudes mainly collected interwviews following standard D/S questionnaire format i.e. biography, family tree, and memories about area, what has changed? What would you change? Dreams for future of area/self, popular saying/proverb, favorite song and any other comments (see D/s questionnaire on  www.durbansings.wordpress.com )…Also some sampler Indegenous Hip Hop tracks by Umlazi Mcees and Zulu hihop heads.
Mix languages mainly Zulu/English. 

Welcome to the DURBAN SINGS footage archive of oral history recording. These tracks were recorded by Nokubonga Seme and Sandile Sekeleni of Umlazi Youth Organisation in Umlazi G section, Durban South , in May/ June 2009.

links to audio archive for the table of content below:

No. 1, 4, 6, 11, 13, 16, 17, 25, 30 of Umlazi raw footage archive at: http://www.archive.org/details/01FootageArchiveUmlazi 

No. 2,  3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10   of Umlazi raw footage archive at: http://www.archive.org/details/02FootageArchiveUmlazi

No.  12, 14, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22   of Umlazi raw footage archive at: http://www.archive.org/details/03FootageArchiveUmlazi

No. 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31 of Umlazi raw footage archive at: http://www.archive.org/details/04FootageArchiveUmlazi

No. 32, 33, 34 of Umlazi raw footage archive at: http://www.archive.org/details/05FootageArchiveUmlazi 

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No 1 02/07/09 Sombu Zuma Hx45628 umlazi A thief who was escaping was caught by snake in Umlazi river.  HAMBA KAHLE MKHONTO WESIZWE reminds me of those days when we were sleeping in bushes 10’’
No 2 23/06/09 Mqoqi Cele B255 umlazi about the time a white man by the name of SCKOIMAN STRAIDOM  took over a piece of land of the CELE TRIBE                                                                                            We must fight back for our land that was taken by white people 6’’
No 3 01/06/09 Sbuso Tony Ndlovu H906 umlazi Talks about reaction of police shooting at community rioting for black power ZONKE IZINSIZI reminds me of my old granny 7’’
No 4 23/06/09 Magaret Ngcobo V65 umlazi misunderstanding between family members leading to court procedures; chased away by her husband’s relatives; went to g/section to rent a place Charity begins at home there is nothing you can do without home 8’’
No 5 02/07/09 Sbongile Cele  Hx332 umlazi War in h section was caused by the gangsters called izintandane who killed DLADLAS FAMILY NGIKHOKHELWA NGUTHIXO  when my mother was happy she used to sing that song 8’’
No 6 25/06/09 Sizakele Ngobese R97 umlazi Fighting of taximan  in r section this year in may ZINQANDWA ZISEMAPHUPHU teach a child while he is young 7’’
No 7 23/06/09 Khathazile Qoza R section umlazi Battles between ANC and IFP by T section when she was arriving Song: “ngafika ebheke phansi enamahloni” reminds me of the time I met my husband 4’’
No 8 23/06/09 Bheki Christopher Nzama N882 umlazi the battle of two organizations: ANC v/s IFP in area before democracy arrived Love those who hate you and hate those who love you 5’’
No 902/07/09 Bafana Chonconco Ex2579 I saw people being washed away by Mfongosi river near my place No info. 2’’
No 10 02/07/09 Nu Perfest Cele E425 umlazi The way I lost my virginity and my friends died through HIV. Thokola themba amathunzi ayewukela we must believe in our new president 6’’
No 11 05/06/09 Pawlose Siyabonga Chili G1099 umlazi About the colonization of umlazi in1966, when people were happy for their new houses You can be rich but you are not wealthy what comes around turners around 12’’
No 12 23/06/09 Ntokozo Ngcobo D1420 umlazi Changing councilors which caused a lot of conflict in community WE HLIZIYO my heart be wise of your enemies 7’’
No 13 24/06/09 Mandla Makhaye P78 umlazi Taxes violence took place in 1994, cars were damaged No info 7’’
No 14 25/06/2009 Lungelo Shange G788 umlazi People were fighting with whites people in Katomena My mother was a kitchen girl it teaches us about how our parents suffered for us to be in schools  6’’
No 15 25/06/2009 Amanda Khanyisile ngcongo H84 umlazi In1985 lot of people died & other were not found to be buried “Into yami ngiyayithanda” it reminds me of my husband 8’’
No 16 25/06/09 Mf Mandla Sbiya H7oo umlazi rebuilding of a new church in section h by the community forum to fight crime and cruelty in the area IKHOTHA EYIKHOTHAYO ENGAYIKHOTHI IYAYIKHAHLELA you must do right things  so other people they respond positive to you 8’’
No 17 25/06/2009 Fikelephi Msomi L662 umlazi There were lot of thieves National anthem  when we have meetings we sing it  7’’
No 18 25/06/09 Thamsanqa Khumalo v/b high school When there was a conflict between ANC and IFP when somebody did a wrong thing he/she was punished in the community ISAKUTSHELWA SIBONA NGOMOPHO if you don’t listen when you are told you will be in trouble one day 8’’
No 19 25/06/09 Theresa Ngcobo Gx1827 umlazi People were killed through HIV and others were killed through guns “Indlu yegagu iyanetha” what come around goes around 7’’
No 20 23/06/09 Skhosiphi Duma Q163 umlazi Early 90/s political violence, people died and houses were burned at Q section COMRADI AWULALANGA the song reminds him her friends who passed away in 90/s 6’’
No 21 25/06/09 Thandiwe Gebashe G829 umlazi People were killing each other and kids were not allowed to go to school “Isalakutshelwa sibona ngomopho” if you don’t listen you will see at the end that you were wrong  5’’
No 22 01/06/09 Khulekai Mtshali  J1719 umlazi about car theft and robbery in the area and gang wars Let build  a nation together 18’’
No 23 25/06/2009 Zinhle Shozi M1059 umlazi In Menzi high-school ground there was a case of rape I am not sure which year  “Mshini wami” it reminds me of Zuma on stage 4’’
No 24 25/06/2009 Phindi Mthabela M1208 umlazi My child died in 1986 in the railway on the way to school Hope does not kill 7’’
No 25 23/06/09 Smangele Ntshangase P119 umlazi It was a crash of two trains using one lane between 3 section D/R/P near MZUVELE S/P SCHOOL HAMBHA JUBA BAYOKUCHUTHA PHAMBHIL the more you disrespect it the more you get into trouble 6’’
No 26 25/06/09 Neli Mjoli M1206 umlazi A lady was killed early in the morning at her home Charity begins at home 5’’
No 27 23/06/09 Mbali Nombela G155 umlazi The war occurred in 1995 which stopped in 1996 WEN CHRIS HHANI SHAYA AMABHUNU reminds me the time the borers were accusing us 12’’
No 28 23/06/09 Nomusa Manzi R112 umlazi It was a shooting of the police and community who livers in settern house in r section Fussion ocesrer but she cunt sing 8’’
No 29  24/06/09 Busisiwe Julia D1317 umlazi Road was a gravel people were robbed on the street    Hamba nhliziyo  that a song that she likes 5’’
No 30   02/ 07/ 09 Jerome S Simelane H5623 umlazi People didn’t want us to live here coz we were newcomers but they forgave us ANGINAKHO OKWANELE reminds me of my mother 8’’
No 31 23/06/09 Fikilephi Sbisi  W36 umlazi The time they arrived there was no toilet and water in the area ISINAMUVA LIYABUKWA the one who is the last on the cast of a show is the one who will show off 7’’
No 32  02/07/09 Erickson S Simelane V1686 Death of MR MNXENGE 1981With 40 wounds in a secret play ground while he was hijack and his wife was shot by certain people and was beaten on her head in1985  SIYAYA ENKULULEKWENI we were accused by ATEAM which lead by Jamile and ZP police that wound will never be heeled 14’’
No 33 25/09/2009 Xolani Kha Nyezi M1298 umlazi There was a serial killer who wanted people to help him so he wont go to jail National anthem it has a good meaning because calls for unity 12’’
No 34 02/06/09 Buyisile Mbuthuma V1185 umlazi Two boys were fight over a girl one died and I was also robbed BMTHATHA UZUMA it reminds me of Mr Zuma’s charges 6’’